This ain't california

"When I think of my childhood, I don't think of the GDR or anything. I think of my little stupid brother Dennis.... About my friends from back then" - Nico

"For me, it doesn't really matter what means a film uses, whether it is an actor's film with staged images or a documentary film. A good film is about truth, not reality." - Sergei Eisenstein, 1925

Everything will change

"When we looked to the future, it was black. And when we looked to the past, it was gold. But the hue of the present was hidden to us, until this tale was told" - Words in a Fairytale Book by Aisha Prigann

"We can not miss what we don't know" - Dr Daniel Pauly, Bilologist

"This film is one of those revelatory experiences that makes you want to go out an do something" - Wim Wenders

all the time in the world

He ages dramatically faster than her. Can they stop time to be together?

a sci-fi lovestory - in preproduction.

three foot charlie

"Charlie don't surf!" - Colonel Kilgore

"i think it's great that America brought surfing to those people, and really gave them something to live for" - unnamed US citizen

A surf-comedy

The search for the wooo

"the higher you get, the more you see" - the wooo

a freesports-comedy

the devil's toy (redux)

an interactive collaborative piece based on the original DEVIL'S TOY by Claude Jutra - for the National Film Board of Canada

mimi, la joie

Documentary / Theatre crossover, Ivory Coast 2007

B a c k T o T o p B a c k T o T o p