This ain't california

A tale of friendship and rebellion, set in the former GDR in the 1980s. THIS AIN'T CALIFORNIA is the debut and absolute heart-project of writer/director Marten Persiel and Producer Ronald Vietz. Shot in 2011 in and around Berlin, this punk-tale weaves together true anecdotes and a fictional main character, whose coming-of-age story carries the narrative. While it has been criticised for its bizarre mix of styles - fiction and non-fiction, animation and dream sequences, archive and recreations - it was one of the biggest german films of 2012 and has found a cinema audience worldwide.

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Splendid. It celebrates how ordinary teens really did create their own cold war culture of resistance

the village voice

A masterpiece. One of the most enthralling stories of 2012


Music, drugs, sex and skateboarding. The gdr wasn't all grey boredom

the huffington post


how to Ollie

Eine Erzählung von literarischem Eigenwert … Ein subtiles Epos über das Leben und das Scheitern.

junge welt

Als Geheimtipp gestartet... wurde über Nacht zum absoluten Publikumsliebling.


zart und rebellisch, politisch und historisch, unterhaltsam und ergreifend — mehr kann Dokumentarfilm nicht sein.

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