Marten Persiel is a captain and a storyteller. Some say a spinner of yarn. Certainly an enthusiast for wide horizons. The polyglot Berliner spent the most part of his life migrating through the UK, Spain, the Philippines, Brazil and Portugal, always working as author and director for both long-form narrative and short commercial movies.
Persiel’s trademarks are his close bonds with his protagonists and his very own, off-key aesthetics. He always searches for unusual, less restrictive narrative formats to tell his stories. His debut Film THIS AIN’T CALIFORNIA – which he calls a ‘documentary tale’ for its unconventional weaving together of fact and fiction – has won a host of international awards and had a successful worldwide cinematic release. In the past years Marten Persiel has also gained a reputation as a director for commercials with strong and surprising narratives. The quirky new feature EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE, a futuristic fairytale eight years in the making, is his his second confident step onto the international cinema stage. It again employs an unforeseeable narrative twist to highlight what he deems ‘the most important yet under-exposed issue of our time’: the loss of natural diversity and wildlife.

THIS AIN’T CALIFORNIA – selection of awards

Best Film at Berlinale 2012 – Perspective
Best Direction International Film festival Nashville
Best International Feature Santa Fe film festival
Audience Award Warshaw Film Festival
Best Documentary Cannes Independent Film Festival
Best original Screenplay und Best Film beim International Skateboard filmfestival in Los Angeles.
Best editing German Academy Award (Deutscher Filmpreis)
Best Sceenplay and Best Direction International Skateboard Filmfestival Los Angeles

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